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Shamrock Restoration LLC ImagesWhen owning a home one of your many jobs is making sure it is looking good and functioning properly. There are many projects you can easily do yourself and there are some others with a little help and instructions you can tackle as well. There are also some jobs that should be left to the professionals. For a lot of people, it would stop at anything that involves heights and electricity, excluding changing light bulbs of Anything that involves your roofing damage you should definitely leave to a Mason roofer.

Its not that you cant do it, but there is a level of experience and knowledge that is required to detect and create a plan of attack. You know your roof protects you from a lot of things and is the main line of defense from the weather elements. That might be a bit of an understatement, but its often forgotten. One of the hardest things that some inexperienced roofers get wrong is hail damage. Depending on the size of the hail that hit your roof it may just look like a ding on your shingles or even dirt. Your roof is built to withstand a lot of things, but it doesn't fair well when you have a large amount of quarter-sized ice or larger falling from high altitudes hitting the same area over and over. Hail is not strong enough to create a large hole, but it strong enough to puncture your shingles and the layers below it and thats where the trouble begins. If this should go undetected and unfixed for a long amount of time your roof will wear down a lot faster and it will cause you a major problem going forward. All this just from what some might think is just a small ding in their shingles.

A lot of our clients inherit old roofs by way of buying an older house or living in a house that has not had regular maintenance on it. Your roof on average should last anywhere from 20-30 years depending on where you live and the storms that may come and go. We had a client ask us. I have a couple of missing shingles, would you call that roof damage? The short answer is Yes. We consider roof damage as anything that can compromise the integrity of your roof. On the other hand, if you were outside and saw a shingle fly off or become loose that is not the worst case scenario unless its a major wind storm. In this situation, if not dealt with shortly that missing shingle will eventually allow water to get below the other shingles and will loosen them and penetrate the layers beneath.
Majority of things we repair as roofers is usually a result of not getting proper maintenance. We encourage all homeowners to take a proactive position when it comes to home safety. We know you would not opt to live in a house that is unsafe, but that will usually stop at the things you can see. An unsafe roof will always hit you when you least expect it like anything else.

People often ask us How do you find a good roofer? Well, there are a lot of pop up companies who have gotten into the roofing business, but by doing a quick google search you should be able to vet out who can and cannot be trusted. We urge you to take a look at our reviews as they speak volumes. If you like what you see schedule a roofing inspection as Shamrock Restoration would be more than happy to make your home safe again!

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Shamrock Restoration LLC Images
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